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About Us

Model With Fortuss Kettlebells
Fortuss Kettlebells Designed in UAE


We are FORTUSS and our mission supplying affordable, high-quality fitness equipment to our valuable customers. We are based in UAE.
Our products are uniquely designed and we have consulted with the foremost experts to create Kettlebells and other fitness equipment that works effectively for functional training.
We know our products will work for you, because we're just like you. We're a mix of fitness pros and beginners, athletes, moms, dads … and we take this journey together with you for healthier and fitter lifestyle.
So, we are not the resellers of different Brands. We created FORTUSS to have the full control of quality, design and price point of our products to provide a fair cost with easy and affordable shipping.
Join us to @FORTUSSFITNESS community and we will become “Stronger Than Ever” together.

Let’s Work Together

Fortuss LLC

UAE, Sharjah

Tel: 056 370 6262

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