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Fortuss Commercial Gym Equipment


FORTUSS Fitness builds customized fitness equipment solutions for Health Clubs, Commercial Gyms & Personal Trainers to keep your customers happy, and attracts new ones through product quality and attractive design.

Attract and retain more members with a FORTUSS high end fitness equipment, designed to fulfill your unique business needs and satisfy customer fitness goals. Transform your facility into a place everyone wants to be.

Here at FORTUSS We Offer Substantial Savings to Our Commercial/Corporate Gym, Leisure, Sports Performance, Boutique Gym, Hotel/Spa and Wholesale partners. 

If you’re looking to place a larger order for fitness equipment and want to discuss your requirements, we’re here to help: friendly, personalized account support is just an email or phone call away.

Get in touch today and we’ll be able to review your order, discuss your quote with you and recommend the best options for shipping.

We are offering FORTUSS Branded fitness equipment's and our products offer are constantly growing.

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