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Fortuss Bumper Plates 20 KG (Pair) - 2 Pcs inside the box.


STRENGTH AND STYLE - Build your home gym with a wide range of Fortuss Olympic weight plate sizes which are extremely durable and attractive. Fortuss Bumpers are all black with white-red logo lettering for a sharp stylish contrasted look, and are extremely durable with low bounce. The slim design of the weight plates allow for maximum stacking on the bar for deadlift, bench press, rows and curls and takes up minimal storage space.

COMPATIBLE WITH ANY 2INCH OLYMPIC BAR - The 2in steel inner ring on the fitness weights means the rubber barbell weights are compatible with any standard 2in Olympic barbell bar.

EXPERTLY DESIGNED - Manufactured from black Virgin rubber, the Fortuss bumper plate is non-smelling and highly durable for long-lasting performance. Perfect for Olympic weightlifting where you’re often dropping the bar from shoulder height and above, Expertly designed stainless steel "hooked" insert that remains firmly seated.

PERFECT FOR ALL TRAINING PROGRAMS – These bumper plates are perfect for any Olympic or power lifter, body builders, or toners/sculptors. The plates fit on a standard Olympic, power-lifting, or hex barbell or any other bar with a 2”-diameter sleeve.


Bumper Plates 20 KG (Pair)

AED1,995.00 Regular Price
AED525.00Sale Price
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