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FORTUSS Door Anchor Heavy Duty


  • HEAVY DUTY: FORTUSS Door Anchor is made with thick heavy duty strong nylon webbing. The Door Anchor Loop is made with neoprene material to help preserve your resistance bands from damage.
  • VERSATILITY: FORTUSS Door Anchor utilizes dense but soft foam and can secure your bands at all door points which is greatly increases the number of exercises that you can perform.
  • PROTECTS DOOR & BANDS: The soft foam end of the anchor (stopper) will help prevent scratching and denting of your door. This heavy duty door anchor supports all size resistance bands. Great for Home Fitness Workout.
  • GREAT FOR HOME FITNESS: Allows you to turn Door into Home Gym -- The anchor wheel allows for secure use on any side of a standard door. Works on all points of the door.
  • TRAIN ANYTIME, ANYWHERE: Simple to use, easy to carry.

Door Anchor Heavy Duty

AED50.00 Regular Price
AED25.00Sale Price
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