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FORTUSS Padel Tennis Racket - Where Power Meets Comfort Experience the perfect balance of power and comfort with the FORTUSS Padel Tennis Racket. Thikness 38MM Weight 365 +/- 10g

  • Exceptional Carbon Fiber Construction: Our FORTUSS Padel Tennis Racket is expertly crafted using top-grade carbon fiber materials. This construction results in a racket that delivers outstanding performance and maintains its peak capabilities, making it your ideal companion on the court.
  • Innovative 3D Hexagon Surface: Experience a cutting-edge 3D Hexagon surface design that takes your gameplay to new heights. This innovation significantly improves your control over the ball, which allows you to make precise and powerful shots with ease.
  • EVA Memory Flex Foam Core: The racket's core is made of EVA memory flex foam, offering a comfortable and stable feel. This specialized foam core not only provides enhanced control but also absorbs shock, reducing vibrations during play.
  • Versatile Round Shape with Secure and Comfortable Grip:: Our racket's round shape design offers versatility for players of all levels. Whether you're looking to take an offensive or defensive approach, this racket provides the balance you need to excel in various playing styles. Designed with your comfort in mind, our racket features a specially designed grip. It's not only sweat-resistant but also provides a secure hold, minimizing slippage while maximizing your balance and control.
  • Free Racket Bag Included: To keep your prized racket safe and stylishly stored, each purchase includes a protective carrying case. It's a convenient addition that ensures your equipment stays in top condition for your next match.
  • Stylish and Eye-Catching: Make a statement on the court with our racket's sleek and modern design. Its visually appealing colors and clean lines not only boost your performance but also have you looking good while playing.

FORTUSS Padel Tennis Racket (Pink)

AED249.00 Regular Price
AED189.00Sale Price
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