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  • NON-SLIP TEXTURED GRIP MEDICINE BALLS - No matter how sweaty your palms get, our heavy duty workout ball remains easy to hold. The diamond and marble patterns’ dual texture provides a great grip. So, this weighted medicine ball can be slammed, tossed and bounced without slipping.
  • DURABLE RUBBER CONSTRUCTION FOR BOUNCING - Fortuss medicine ball is made of ultra-thick and strong natural rubber, which has good elasticity, wear resistance and durability. Ideal for bounce passes, chest passes and overhead passes with a partner or for a secure wall training solo.
  • STRENGTH BUILDER - help develop explosive power, core strength, balance, and coordination. Ideal for strength training, core workout and full body conditioning. Its sturdy rubber construction can bounce off hard surfaces & the textured finish provides a superior grip.
  • ADD FUN TO YOUR WORKOUT - Incorporate fitness medicine balls into your usual squats, sit-ups, push-ups and lunges. With this weighted fitness ball, your daily activities will be more challenging and fun.
  • MULTIPLE SIZE & COLOR OPTIONS – The Fortuss Medicine Balls are color coded and available in 1 KG, 2 KG, 3 KG, 4 KG, 5 KG, 6 KG and 8 KG size options.

Medicine Ball 4 KG

AED170.00 Regular Price
AED120.00Sale Price
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