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Fortuss Medicine Ball Dual Grip 3 KG


  • DUAL GRIP MEDICINE BALL – is incredibly easy to grab and use. Dual grips with anti-skid texture allow users to hold this fitness ball firmly, providing a strong and comfortable workout. A high quality air valve completely prevents air leakage, maximizes safety and extends the life of the ball.
  • NO BOUNCE - Fortuss medicine ball has a reduced bounce element to help tone your muscles and improves your core and provide complete control to users. The dual handles can help with a thrust motion to improve your explosive power.
  • CORE MUSCLES - Ideal for strengthening your core muscle and ab workouts. Designed for extra comfort, leading to a more focused workout experience. Perfect choice for performing rotational abdominal exercises.
  • STRENGTH DEVELOPMENT - Perfect for strengthening shoulders, back, arms and legs as well as improving abdominal strength. Can help to improve explosive power, coordination, flexibility and balance. It can also be used as a Kettlebell too, meaning that you can do a wide range of exercises you wouldn’t be able to do with just a ball.
  • HIGH QUALITY SOLID RUBBER MATERIAL - Made of high density rubber that enhances durability and safety during using. Help you reach your ideal fitness goals through daily training. Available in various weight sizes for a variety of training needs: 3 kg, 4 kg, 5 kg, 6 kg, and 8 kg.

Medicine Ball Dual Grip 3 KG

AED180.00 Regular Price
AED130.00Sale Price
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